What Are The Advantages of Pubic Hair Compared To Regular Body Hair For An Eyelash Transplant

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As FUE hair transplant procedures continue to evolve, so do the methods and hair donor areas used for different types of hair restoration procedures. Where back in the day, donor and recipient areas were restricted because of a lack of innovation in technology and technique, today, the possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to hair restoration. 

One of the more notable advancements in FUE hair transplant procedures is the ability to now transplant pubic hair for use during an eyelash transplant. While that sounds unnecessarily vulgar, there are multiple advantages to using pubic hair compared to conventional body hair. In this post, we’ll discuss three main benefits of a pubic hair eyelash transplant to body hair eyelash transplant.

1) A Natural Curl
The characteristics of pubic hair provide it with a natural curl that mimics natural eyelash curliness. Conventional body or scalp hair characteristics include features that create an unnatural looking eyelash when transplanted. Plus, extra maintenance and upkeep is needed on eyelashes transplanted using conventional body hair.  

2) Thickness
Pubic hair thickness gives it the appearance of a stronger, fuller-looking eyelash. After a pubic hair eyelash transplant, the days of spending countless amounts of time applying mascara in front of the mirror are over. The thickness of pubic hair allows it to impart these eyelash traits naturally. 

3) Slower Growth
Another advantage of using pubic hair for eyelash transplantation is that pubic hair typically stops growing at a certain length due to its much slower growth phase. The slower growth of the hair means less time spent maintaining lashes.
The VeeLashe™ pubic hair eyelash transplant procedure developed by Dr. U is the leading method for safe extraction of pubic hair follicles as viable long term grafts. To learn more about this revolutionary procedure, contact Dr. U Hair and Skin Clinic in Manhattan Beach today.