Eyelash Transplant, A Practical Solution For Real Hair Growth

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Having to glue on false lashes every morning can be time consuming. It is also a delicate process that requires a great deal of hand-eye precision. And if you make a mistake, you have to spend extra time trying to correct it.  In the mornings when you are in a hurry, this may not be feasible on an every day basis.

Lash extensions provide  some level of convenience by staying on for longer time frames. However experts are now finding that they do entail some issues like eye infections.

Although there are many mascaras which claim to make your lashes longer, all they do is thicken the faint hair tips. If you have short lashes to begin with, there is only so much that makeup can help with.

As far as prescriptions for lash growth, they do have to be applied twice a day. And the effects will only last as long as you are consistent .

Another option is to undergo hair restoration which can be performed for the eyelashes.  If having long, beautiful lash hairs is important to you and you wish to consider a transplant, make sure you learn as much as you can and understand what to expect.

Choosing A Surgeon To Perform An Eyelash Transplant

When choosing a surgeon to perform an eyelash transplant it is important to remember that precision is the key to achieve successful results. If the surgeon is not precise, that could affect the look of your lashes. When attending a consultation make sure to view lots of photos and ask many questions to assure the surgeon is the best choice for your desired results. Not every surgeon is capable of producing the same results.

How Much Does The Procedure Cost On Average?

The price may vary according to each individual’s needs and desires, but on average the restoration procedure costs $3000 per eye. A total of $6000.

The Benefit Of An Eyelash Procedure

One of the main benefits, and often most people’s concern is if a transplant will leave scars. When the hairs are extracted from the appropriate donor areas, the nape there is no visible trace of scars. That is one of the main benefits, in addition to the natural look and permanence it provides.

Fullness Of Eyelashes

There are a variety of eyelash textures, from thin to thick and normal to very full. The advantage of an eyelash transplant is that a surgeon can graft additional hairs from the recommended amount to achieve great fullness. After a transplant the hairs will grow to long lengths, and possibly thicker than the original hairs. This depends on which area the hair was extracted. Fullness provides a look often associated with youth.