Using Mascara and Cosmetic Tools For Your New Lashes

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Once your final results have grown in, you will be able to make the best use of makeup and beauty tools to further enhance your eyes.

When choosing a mascara, make sure that you are not allergic to its formulation. Also be careful of possible irritants in the ingredients. If possible, try asking your doctor for advice on what products you can safely use.

Eyelash Curler

Some people have straight hair, while others have natural waves. Therefore, the outcome of your lashes may or may not have a prominent curvature.  Therefore, eyelash curlers may be able to help you create this.

Using Mascara

When applying mascara, you will want to get as much product as you can to coat the base of the hairs.  Place your wand close to the lash line and move it horizontally back and forth. Then sweep up towards the tips.

An eyelash comb is useful for getting the mascara to coat your lashes more evenly and to remove clumps

Using Brow Scissors

Scissors for the eyebrows are available at most beauty supply stores. You can also look online as well. When you first decide to trim your hairs,  do so conservatively at first.  You may regret cutting too much.  So trim small lengths from the tips, and you can always cut a little more. Over time you will develop a sense for what length is best.


Eyelash Texture

It is important to remember that not all eyelash hairs are the same for everyone. The hairs are different depending on the individual. That is why it is important to be careful when using any sort of grooming tools. For some people, the eyelash hairs are very delicate and fall out easily. Eyelash hair loss is especially not good if you had just had a transplant done. Excessive rubbing of the eyes also contributes to eyelash hair loss. At all times when either applying makeup or taking it off, try to be as gentle as possible around the eyelashes. Dabbing and padding are recommended, not rubbing or pulling. If you feel the urge to itch your eyes, as some people often do, especially during allergy season try to rub the area underneath the eyelash. Keeping the eyelash above your finger so they are not affected. Eyelash hairs have different texture from the hairs from the scalp. That is why some people lose their eyelash hair easily, and sometimes it doesn’t grow back as thick as it was before. It is important to consider the texture of eyelash hair before being harsh on your lashes.

Eyelash Trend

In recent days, eyelashes have become the latest trend. Everyone seeks how to obtain the long, lustrous lashes. More products to enhance your lashes have hit the market, and people are trying them out. Lashes are an important feature of the eye. It enhances the eye color, while also protecting it. Taking care of your lashes is not just for a cosmetic reason, but also to keep your eyes protected.