Eyelash Hair Transplant Q&A

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What is the average cost of an eyelash restoration procedure?

Most surgeries are priced at about $3000 for each eye. Since you will most likely need to work on both eyes, the entire cost will be about $6000.

Are there any risks that could happen from transplanting new eyelash hairs?

Scarring is a risk that may result. The chances of this happening may be greater in some people than others. So you should ask your doctor about how this may affect you.  Also, the manner of hair growth is sometimes unpredictable. The hairs may grow in different directions. However, a skilled surgeon can minimize the chance of this occurring by working to insert the follicles at specific angles.

What types of maintenance is needed once my lashes have grown in?

It is important to realize that these hairs will continue to behave as they did on your head. This means that they can grow very long. Therefore you will need to trim them to maintain the length that you want.  Small scissors sold in beauty supply stores (for the eyebrows) can be used.

Where do doctors get the hair follicles for creating eyelashes?

Hair usually comes from the head. Older techniques used for this surgery will extract thick hairs from the back of the head. However, with the help of more specialized FUE tools , it is possible to use nape follicles for a more natural looking outcome.

UGraft Tool Used

The FUE tool mentioned above is commonly referred to as, the uGraft tool. It is a specialized tool used to extract hairs precisely to assure the best results. Using this technique provides a more natural look. The uGraft punch tools are designed to extract non-conventional follicles, for instance, the nape. This specialized tool is able to remove these grafts without the risk of damaging the follicles from the edge of the punch. It also allows the punch wounds to heal without any visible scarring.

How Many Hairs Are Needed For An Eyelash Transplant?

The amount of hairs needed for an eyelash transplant depends on personal preference. Some people want fuller lashes, while others are satisfied to fill in where the hair is sparse. Generally, the upper lash border has about 100 hairs growing along its edge. That is an average amount. For more lustrous lashes, there may be more hair count. In order to achieve the average amount in an eyelash restoration procedure, about 30-40 hair follicles are extracted. Keep in mind it depends on the donor area, the nape or the back of the head. Depending on where the hair follicles are extracted from, in order to achieve the density and length desired the surgeon might have to extract additional hair follicles.

To achieve the lashes of your choice, it is important to have a consultation with a certified surgeon who specializes in hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a unique procedure that not any surgeon has the ability to achieve your most desired results.